Travelex Business

Travelex Business offers a range of financial exchange and payments products and services to global businesses. We work with banks, credit unions, bureau de change outlets, retailers, technology companies and more to solve their challenges as the world of FX changes.

Our expertise and experience helps our partners build FX capabilities with cloud-based applications at speed, supported by a world-class fulfilment and payments network. Now, Travelex Business can be the strategic partner you need to navigate the transition from physical cash to digital, the growth in automated payments, currency conversion innovation, and the demand for fast FX.

Explore our services to learn more about how you can get to market quicker, increase revenues and boost customer value with agile money solutions.

Travelex Business Cash

Travelex Business Cash is delivered in three modules, all of which are made possible through our vast global infrastructure and distribution network.

Cash Services is our white-label travel money offer for businesses and banks looking to use foreign exchange to boost revenue and customer relationships. Today, we work with supermarkets, financial institutions, travel agents and more to help them maximise the value of their customer base.

Cash Management is our foreign exchange and currency service for casinos, hotels, airlines, pawnbrokers, the maritime industry, travel agents and banks.

Cash Network is our service for the wholesale provision and seamless, secure delivery of cash to locations around the world. Cash Network is built on decades of experience, global expertise, a well-supported international supply chain, and long-standing relationships with the most-trusted financial institutions in the world.

Travelex Business Pay

With Travelex Business Pay, we offer APIs that enable partners to send money across borders with speed and security.

Travelex Pay is built to provide each user with a uniquely contextual experience, including intelligent payment routing and best-in-class compliance and operations. Today, it is the platform of choice for partners with international payments needs, from financial institutions to global technology companies.

Travelex Business Pay is delivered in two modules: Pay Banking is specifically for banks and financial institutions, while Pay Direct serves businesses and organisations with a need to transfer large amounts of money across borders quickly and securely.

Travelex Business Cloud

Travelex Business Cloud is a flexible solution for Multi-Currency Processing (MCP) and Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) – underpinned by our market leading Dynamic Exchange Rates Engine (DRE).

Travelex Business Cloud is designed to plug into any industry-standard payment or processing platform through API or ISO connectivity. This maximises customer convenience, FX payments reach, and ultimately revenues.

All of these benefits are also loaded into our ATMs, with a platform that offers standard cash dispense, foreign currency dispense, DCC, MCP, emergency cash and more. Our ATMs are connected to major global credit and debit card schemes and a number of domestic card schemes.

Travelex Business Digital

We have an easily accessible developer centre, through which partners can access the APIs and technologies that set us apart from our competitors. This global payments platform is cloud-based, using a micro-services architecture and an API-first mentality.

Travelex Business Digital offers partners the only FX platform they need to serve their business. We have focused our offer on breadth and simplicity of API FX services.

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